Tim Berard Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology, Kent State University
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Abbreviated C.V.

Tim Berard, Ph.D.

Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae

Contact Informationtjberard@alumni.reed.edu


Ph.D., Sociology (2001, Boston University)
B.A., Political Science (1994, University of Washington-Seattle)   
Extensive coursework in humanities & social sciences at Reed College

Professional Experience/Faculty Appointments

Currently Associate Professor of Sociology, Kent State University, Ohio, USA. Current and recent teaching includes Minorities in America; Minorities in Crime & Justice.

Previously I was Assistant Professor and Associate Professor of Justice Studies at Kent State. I also have prior teaching experience in Sociology at Benedictine University, Roosevelt University, Boston University, and Curry College, and teaching experience in English as a second language in Berlin.

Selected Honors & Distinctions

Early Tenure, Kent State University
Presidential Teaching Fellow & Presidential Graduate Fellow, Boston University
Shils-Coleman Prize from ASA Theory Section
National Merit Scholarship Finalist

Selected Teaching & Research Interests
Law & Society; Sociology of Deviance & Criminology; Inequality & Discrimination; Racial/Ethnic Relations; Sociological and Criminological Theory; Culture & Subcultures; Language & Social Interaction; Social Identity & Membership Categorization Analysis.

Selected Current Research/Publication Projects

Current projects include analyses of racial disparate impact in legal and criminal justice contexts, emphasizing interpretive and social-psychological issues such as the interactional and institutional processes leading to disparate impact by race, and the variety of ways disparate impact can be interpreted and formulated as a social problem or defended against critics. Also researching with Bengt George the May 4th 1970 shootings at Kent State with an emphasis on issues of collective agency and collective culpability in the courtroom disputes in Krause v Rhodes (1975; 1978).

Selected Published Works


 Berard, Tim and Jim Meeker. 2018. "Irony, Conflct, and Tragedy in Cultural Analysis: Hip-Hop between Bourdieu and Nietzsche." Critical Sociology [published "on-line first" May 19, 2018]. 


Law at Work: Studies in Legal Ethnomethods, edited by Baudouin Dupret, Michael Lynch and Tim Berard. Oxford University Press. (June 2015)


‘Hate Crimes, Labels, and Accounts: Pragmatic Reflections on U.S. Hate Crime Law.’ Book chapter in Law at Work, edited by Baudouin Dupret, Michael Lynch and Tim Berard. Oxford University Press. (June 2015).


The Study of Deviant Subcultures as a Longstanding and Evolving Site of Intersecting Membership Categorizations.’ Human Studies 37(3): 317-334.

(October 2014). 

'Under the Shadow of the Authoritarian Personality: Elias, Fromm, and Alternative Social Psychologies of Authoritarianism,' in Norbert Elias and Social Theory, ed. Francois Depelteau and Tatiana Landini, Palgrave- MacMillan (November 2013). 

 'Collective Action, Collective Reaction: Inspecting Bad Apples in Organizational Accounts for Deviance and Discrimination,' in Hisashi Nasu and Fran Waksler (eds.), Interaction and Everyday Life: Phenomenological and Ethnomethodological Essays in Honor of George Psathas. Lexington Books. (August 2012).  


‘Unpacking “Institutional Racism”: Insights from Wittgenstein, Garfinkel, Schutz, Goffman, and Sacks,’ pp. 109-133 in Phenomenological Research vol II [lead article] (December 2010).


'Hate Crimes and their Criminalization,' pp. 15-40 in Research in Social Problems and Public Policy Vol. 17, edited by Stacy Burns and Mark Peyrot (Spring 2010). 
'The Relevance of the Social Sciences for Legal Education,' Legal Education Review 19(1/2) (December 2009).

‘Typification in Society and Social Science: The Continuing Relevance of Schutz’s Social Phenomenology,’ Human Studies 32(3): 263-289 (second author, with Kwang-ki Kim) [Lead Article] (Winter 2009).

‘The Neglected Social Psychology of Institutional Racism.’ Sociology Compass 2(2): 734-764 (2008).

'From Concepts to Methods: On the Observability of Inequality.' Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 35(3), pp. 236-256 [Lead Article]. (June 2006).

'Comparative Perspectives on Democracy and Homeland Security: Commentary.' Book chapter in Democracy and Homeland  Security: Strategies, Controversies, and Impact, ed. Nawal Ammar. Kent State University Press [on-line]. (2006).

'Extending Hate Crime Legislation to Include Gender: Explicating an Analogical Method of Advocacy.’ Qualitative Sociology Review 1(2), pp. 43-64 [on-line]. (December 2005).

'Evaluative Categories of Action and Identity in Non-Evaluative Human Studies Research: Examples from Ethnomethodology.' Qualitative Sociology Review 1(1), pp. 1-25 [Lead Article] [on-line]. (August 2005).

‘Rethinking Practices and Structures.’ Journal for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences 35(2), pp. 196-230. (June 2005).

‘On Multiple Identities and Educational Contexts: Remarks on the study of inequalities and discrimination.’ Journal of Language, Identity, & Education 4(1), pp. 67-76. (2005).

‘Ethnomethodology as Radical Sociology: An Expansive Appreciation of Melvin Pollner’s “Constitutive and Mundane Versions of Labeling Theory.”’ Human Studies 26(4), pp. 431-448. (December 2003).

‘ “Japanese American” Identity and the Problem of Multiple Description: Disjunctive Versions of the Japanese Exclusion Order.’ Book Chapter (pp. 144-168) in Stephen Hester and W. Housley (ed.), Language, Interaction, and National Identity: Studies in the Social Organisation of National Identity. Ashgate. (August 2002).

‘Michel Foucault, The History of Sexuality, and the Reformulation of Social Theory.’ Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 29:3, pp. 203-227 [Lead article] [Shils-Coleman Prize, from American Sociological Association’s Theory Section]. (September 1999).

‘Dada Between Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy and Bourdieu's Distinction: Existenz and Conflict in Cultural Analysis.’ Theory, Culture & Society 16(1), pp. 141-165. (1999).

‘Attributions and Avowals of Motive in the Study of Deviance: Resource or Topic?' Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 28(2), pp. 193-213. (June 1998).

Other publications include another journal article on labeling theories of deviance; five encyclopedia articles on topics including deviant subcultures, racial profiling, ethnomethodology and membership categorization analysis; six pedagogical resources; two book reviews; and an on-line (self-published) bibliography


Citation Record

Citations to my work by scores of scholars in print, on-line, or in graduate theses suggest the broad, international relevance of my work; citations have appeared in multiple sub-disciplines of sociology, but also in social psychology, psychology, criminology, cultural studies, gender studies, information studies, political science and international relations, business and management studies, health studies, education research, military studies, environmental studies, philosophy of social science, and art history. 


Contributions to Professional/Academic Meetings

Many conference presentations at national or international conferences, on topics including racial disparities in criminal justice; racial profiling in immigration and deportation; counter-terrorism and ethnic relations; hate crimes against women; intersectionality and multiple identities in explanations of crime and delinquency; attributions of motives for deviant behavior, and the May 4th 1970 shootings at Kent State. Many other contributions as an invited discussant. 

Doctoral Dissertation

The Micro-Politics of Macro-Categories: The Contested Relevance of Minority Status in Claims and Denials of Discrimination. Analyzes disputes about discrimination as a means of addressing the relation(s) between social practices, social identities & social structures. Analysis includes a critical consideration of the relationship between discrimination and discretionary decision-making which acknowledges that discrimination in many settings must be understood as an abuse of discretion, but also calls for a much deeper and more balanced understanding of discretionary decision-making and its organizational contexts than is suggested in much critical scholarship.

Selected Professional Service

Contributions include service on the editorial board of the journal Human Studies, service as an article reviewer for twenty-one other social science and humanities journals,  book reviewer for multiple publishers, frequent service as a conference session organizer and a prize committee member for two professional associations (ASA and SSSP), service on the council of the ASA section on ethnomethodology and conversation analysis (twice), and, within Kent State University, service on four Presidential committees (Commission on Inclusion, Citation and Recognition Committee, two Symposium on Democracy Planning Committees), the KSU Press Editorial Board, the Curriculum Committee for the College of Arts & Sciences, the AAUP chapter council, all departmental committees in Justice Studies, and in Sociology, service on the Curriculum and Undergraduate Studies Committee, and service as library coordinator for the Criminology and Justice Studies program, and also for the Sociology program. I served as Undergraduate Program Coordinator for the large Justice Studies program from Summer 2009 through Fall 2010, in a term which spanned the merger of the Justice Studies and Sociology departments. I have served as faculty advisor for hundreds of Justice Studies students and for four student organizations. From 2011 to 2013, I served as Chair of the Division of Crime and Juvenile Delinquency, within the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP), including responsibility for planning annual conference sessions, for forming prize committees and for division newsletter content. I also am a member of the Steering Committee for the International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (IIEMCA), and served a year as Secretary for the Society for Phenomenology and Human Sciences.  

Courses Taught

  • Law, Justice & Society [Graduate]
  • Inequality, Crime and Deviant Subcultures [Graduate]
  • Theories of Crime & Delinquency [Graduate]
  • Minorities in Crime & Justice  [traditional and online instruction]                          
  • Law & Society/Issues in Law & Society                                        
  • Theories and Issues in Socio-Legal Studies
  • Criminology
  • Social Deviance
  • Deviant Subcultures
  • Crime & Justice in Popular Culture
  • Introduction to Justice Studies
  • Racial & Ethnic Groups
  • Minorities in America [online]
  • Sociological Theory
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • First Year Humanities
  • English as a Second Language                                     


 I have consulted as an expert witness related to the use of deadly force by police against an African American man in the United States. 

Selected Affiliations

American Sociological Association
Society for the Study of Social Problems
Law and Society Association
International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis
Social Psychology Network
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